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Hello Guest. Rule 9 states that "All links posted on the forum ... must be coded including internal links." Rule 16 states "You must comply with all of these rules when using PM, Avatar and Signature functions." Rule 8 of the chatbox rules states "All links posted on the forum including IMDb and homepage info links etc. must be coded including internal links." Please code ALL links you post anywhere on the forum. This notice is sent to ALL users. If you already code ALL your links, THANK YOU.
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Hello Guest,

Please do NOT post PRIVATE messages on other users' PUBLIC profiles for all the world to see. Private messages are just that - private. The rest of us aren't really interested. So kindly use the forum's built-in PRIVATE message system for private messages. If you don't know how to send a private message, look HERE.

This message is being sent to all members. If you already send private messages versus public postings, then Thank you.